Mashup is at the core of this project, two sources are merged together to create something new. Exactly 47 years later this work is a remix of Carlota Fay Schaalman and Richard Serra’s 1973 video work “TELEVISION DELIVERS PEOPLE.” In Star Wars, the rebel alliance is the epitome of justice, honor, and morality. Exuding those qualities while in consent conflict with the well-funded, galactic superpower. Not dissimilar to Schaalman and Serra, they are the underdogs producing a low-fi informational TV spot. They embody the Rebel Alliance’s metaphorical struggle; they take on the present-day evil empire, heroicity lighting the way— becoming a beacon in the dark, championing free thought, free speech, and a free mind. And yet nothing has changed. Like the endless war strung out for corporate profit in the fictional Star Wars universe, so are the real-life struggles between the advertiser and the advertised. The old corporate oligarchies are replaced by new ones with new names, but the same sentiment applies now as it did in 1973. Nothing has changed, we only have new actors on a new stage. We all know it’s the same play, but when does that new Star Wars come out? I hear it’s better than the last one.


Single-channel video


6:03 minutes