This piece elicits a visceral communion, echoing our flesh-and-bone existence drawn in lines that compose texts. In it, I confront the ghost of my physicality. The haunting reflection of my quiet corporeality reminding me of the inescapable earthly tether that I call my body.

Through its text, I evoke the touch of skin, the firmness of bone, the flex of muscle, and the texture of a material that traps heat to keep me warm. This work’s essence is to acknowledge the symbiosis of the blanket and the body. The blanket doesn’t create heat, and the body doesn’t trap it, but together they work to create comfort. 

The work doesn’t merely showcase the corporeal but expands it into a complex tapestry of existence, a testament to our tangible realities nestled within ephemeral time. In its stark depiction, it whispers the quiet truth – we are human and bound to the physical world.


Paint Pen on untreated MDF


4 ft x 2 ft