The lines and shapes, far from being mere conveyors of text, function as topographical markers within an immutable landscape of uncertainty and resilience. They weave and crisscross, intersecting to sculpt a narrative that, at first glance, might seem overwhelmingly gloomy. Yet, given a second reading, it emerges as a testament of hope. This hope is akin to the positive affirmation one wakes up with, a daily mantra designed to extract the best from life. With this perspective, the text transforms from a superficial veil of despair to a deeper canvas of optimism and potential.

The graphical lines themselves embody this dual significance. They extend in two distinct directions, each set at contrasting angles. Each direction carries its own weight of importance, with one representing a positive interpretation and its counterpart, the negative. This dynamic creates a symbiotic relationship between the two. If all lines followed the same direction, the message within the text would become invisible. This subtle balance showcases the interdependence of these opposing elements and underlines the necessity of their coexistence for meaningful communication.


Ink on paper. Monoprint.


7 in x 8.5 in