In Bic Hole, I explore the contrast between a machine’s precise repetition and the chaotic nature of the black hole it creates. The pen plotter, a product of human ingenuity, works tirelessly, accurately tracing layers of circles. However, the imperfections of the bic pen—slight variations in ink flow and line thickness—add a touch of humanity and chaos to the piece.

Machines excel at such repetitious tasks, continuously and tirelessly working, their precision unmarred by human fallibility. This is evident in the creation of Bic Hole. The pen plotter, devoid of subjectivity, reproduces the artistic vision with stunning precision. Yet, the bic pen’s inherent imperfections—the irregularities in ink flow, the slight variations in line thickness—introduce a dose of organic reality, a reminder of the human hand guiding the machine.

The artwork thus becomes a dialogue between the celestial and the mundane, a testament to our struggle to comprehend the universe’s mysteries.


Bic Round Stic black pen on paper


44 in x 30 1/4 in