Describing eyes as windows to our souls doesn’t quite encapsulate their true essence; instead, they serve as gateways to an alternate dimension. This dimension exists alongside the reality that surrounds us, with our existence spanning both realities simultaneously. One reality is in our minds, and we created it. In this one, we populate it with thoughts, imaginations, dreams, and an array of fleeting fancies and whimsical memories. I can traverse time and converse with my long-deceased father in this dimension.

Conversely, there’s the reality that exists external to our minds. This external reality is not isolated but interconnected with the one inside our heads. We cannot create our mental reality without first consuming it from the external world.

This notion is somewhat akin to how black holes operate. Black holes are cosmic entities so dense that their gravity engulfs everything in their path, distorting and absorbing light and time. In a sense, our eyes enact a similar performance. We consume light and time throughout the day, transmuting these elements into memories that replay in the mind’s eye.

Ultimately with this endeavor, I am drawing parallels between the cosmos’ enormity and our bodies, making the unfathomable universe slightly more comprehensible and facilitating a more accessible understanding.


pen on paper


50 in x 45 in (grid format); 14 x 11 (individually)