this text has been burned all the way through this wood

The removal of something is the addition of something else.

A jagged, charcoaled surface interplays between smooth, clean cut lines of a text that point back onto itself; aware of its own origins and creation. This is a three quarters of an inch thick oak plywood behemoth, laser engrave from surface to surface. Segments of charcoaled wood remain as the tool encountered inconsistencies in the ply. These parts hold on to their counters, while others have fallen away.

The smell is visceral, infecting the space that the work inhabits. Sitting five inches off the wall, it is thrust out and presented to the audience, silently commanding physical space. The viewer is beckoned closer to the source of the campfire reminiscent odor and encouraged to enjoy the interplay of light and shadow bouncing through and behind the empty characters and the wall.

Laser engraved text on oak plywood, avenir heavy 276 pt

2 ft x 4 ft