everything but you removed from the iTunes terms and conditions

Terms and conditions are cold, impersonal and, thoroughly ignored documents. This work operates in that duality and proposes a new YOU: the IMpersonal YOU. This is the YOU that ignores but still remains present even though everything else has been stripped away. Only the footprint of information is preserved, not the actual content. This is the YOU that is the passive observer, the person who through laziness or attrition is immobilized.  
With most of the text stripped away, the pages become a barren landscape of information. Bathed in neutrality, these non-documents are not helpful; they are neither here to assist nor to hinder. They are an empty husk of their former selves and all that remain is a constellation YOUs that dot the bleached white, eight-and-a-half-by-eleven, printer paper landscape.

printer paper, iTunes Terms and Conditions PDF, redaction
8 ft x 11 in