The works create a circle that compliments itself, as material informs text and text completes material. They do not, however,  exist in a closed circuit system and are permeated with outward pointing arrows, directing the mind to larger themes ranging from science, politics, architecture, literature, to the general uneasiness of being a human. 

The intent of my text and sculptural works is to make visible the invisible, to highlight the underseen; illuminating these aspects through humor, precision, and language. I strive to develop connections between uncertainty, doubt, time, and self-reflection while providing mental and physical spaces for meditation on awareness. 

I analyze the non-spaceness that is absence and focus attention on the self, the architecture, and the universe. I examine and digest how these spaces swirl around in the cosmic ether, mixing and dancing as perspectives shift in and out of focus, bouncing from one plain to another. 

I use text as a basic building block of communication, as I believe it is free of mediation and alteration through a lens or screen. With text, I am drawing in a qualitative, poetic language and comparing it to numeric, quantitative communication, heightening the distance between what is there, what is described, and what is perceived. This is intended to oscillate the viewer between a sculptural language and a literary one.